Obasu Petrochemical Oil Gas Brokerage Ltd
+256 414 673889
Plot 35 Kampala Rd, General post office building.

Brokerage, Procurement & Supply

We at OPOG will identify sellers who generally trade in any and all kinds of petroleum products, oil, gas, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, asphalt and bituminous substances then link them to interested buyers. For example; crude oil, bitumen, diesel, aviation turbine kerosene (ATK), gasoline (PMS), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) among others.

In the exploration and production of oil and gas we connect buyers to sellers who have products that are required in the discovering, exploring, extracting, drilling, pumping, drawing, treating, purifying, blending, distributing, supplying, and transportation of oil gas petroleum and other related products.

OPOG also scouts for other products and services that are required in the market like

  • Minerals: gold, diamonds, gem stones and other minerals
  • Construction materials: rocks, sand, gravel ,cement, coal, marble and others
  • Agricultural products: coffee, cocoa, cotton, rice, maize, cashewnuts, peanuts and others
  • Renewable energy: solar panels, wind turbines, blue hydrogen etc